Quality management

Quality management


  • To provide health services at national and international quality standards,
  • To protect the rights of patients and their relatives, to ensure their satisfaction, to inform and educate at every stage of the treatment,
  • To ensure the satisfaction of our employees by providing them with a peaceful, participatory and sharing management environment,
  • To provide service according to scientific and evidence-based medical principles and to ensure continuous development,
  • To make necessary improvements by measuring our services together with our employees,
  • To provide quality healthcare services at affordable costs,
  • Not compromising the Quality Management System conditions and constantly increasing its effectiveness.



Modern Hospital provides service with its state-of-the-art technological infrastructure and a quality and reliable approach that prioritizes employee safety, patient safety and privacy. Since its establishment, our hospital has been continuing its work within the scope of national/International Health Quality Standards by attaching importance to quality in health.


Our hospital continues to grow with satisfied patients and happy employees by providing the highest quality diagnosis, treatment and care services with evidence-based current medical practices, reducing risks for both our patients and our employees, and continues to work on adding new certifications.