Our Mission & Vision


To provide quality and reliable healthcare services at international standards to all patients with an expert staff who have adopted evidence-based medicine.


To be one of the reference health institutions in the world with the quality and reliable health service it offers.


INNOVATION:  We embrace new ideas to improve our perfectionist structure and invest in the healthy future of our country.

EXCELLENCE:  In the light of evidence-based medicine, we work for the continuous improvement of multidisciplinary diagnosis, treatment and care services.

TRUST:  We never compromise on our principle of being a healthcare institution to which our patients, patient relatives, employees and all our stakeholders can trust their health.

SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION:  In order to help the economic and social development of our employees and the society, creating resources from activities and not compromising wastefulness by ensuring the rational use of all resources are among our main principles.

RESPECT FOR SOCIETY:  It is always our principle to approach our patients and visitors with good will and understanding and not to compromise on laws and moral rules under any circumstances.

INTEGRITY:  Our principles include fulfilling our responsibilities towards today’s people and future generations, acting with the awareness of contributing to the protection of health and treatment of diseases for Turkey and the world, and spreading this awareness. For this purpose, we strictly adhere to working principles and business ethics.

ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY APPROACH:  We adopt the principle of “responsible citizenship” by delivering all our services to patients with an environmentally and patient-friendly architectural structure.

QUALITY:  With our Total Quality Management system, we aim to continuously increase employee and patient satisfaction by adding value to human life and improving healthcare service delivery.